Living Death

by Miscreant

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released May 6, 2016

Music and lyrics written by Miscreant
Co-written, engineered and produced by George Christie
Mixed and mastered by Gabor Toth


all rights reserved



Miscreant UK

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Track Name: Desolation
What's the point in living life?
When everything I think is outta' spite
Suicide is corrupting my head
Placing all these thoughts of being dead!

Feeling hollow with my empathy of life
It's all just smoke and mirrors
The walls I built have broken down.

They'll say I was just a kid who always wanted more
I've never been accepted, just been misdirected.

You'll hear me drag the chair
You'll see me with the rope
Shut my door and keep it closed
No one will ever know!
This could be my farewell
I tie the noose around my throat
Now take that final step
I'll breaking my fucking neck!

I am too scared to do it
Leave me alone!
Should I fucking do it?
Just let me die!

I barely reached the surface, forever out of sight.

I am terrified of my own mind
I resent this affliction
Douse my fire and placate this addiction.

All I deserve is a coffin six feet beneath the ground
I hide all my feelings, replaced with a smile
But under that pretence, I've been dead for a while.
Track Name: Nightmares
My nightmares have come for me
Stuck in the dark is where I’m meant to be.
My anxiety is building up inside
All these demons have got into my mind!

Haunted by my past
Hell is in my head
Self-hatred drove me there.

I’ve battled with addiction
Even when my world was shaken
I rattled a solution.

Hell is in my head, I am a dead man drifting.

And I prevailed through the fight
I live with stubborn might
Enlightened by my speech
Deception of the weak.
Always a burden
The past is a grievous beast
I feel the dead around me.

My freedom comes at a cost
I bargained with my demons
Forlorn in desolation.

Hell is in my head, I am a dead man drifting.

Why do these dark visions haunt me?

Stay the fuck away!
Track Name: Bitter Regrets (feat. Justin Johnson)
I just want to be by myself
I can’t rely on anyone else
I’m trapped here in my fucking mind
I’m sick of everyone in my life.
I just can’t hide it anymore
Believe me when I say that this is something I would die for.

I said I’d never be lost and broken
But I had already rotted away.
I fed the wound that cut me open
It cut me open!

I’m the definition of suffering
Just another piece of shit
Pathetic and unloved
If I died I’d just fade away.

No one knew how I really felt
I never knew what to say
From the start I was alone
With no where to really call my home.

I was turned down every time
By every siren that sung my song!

Disappointment is just my friend
We live together till the very end.
Maybe it’s time to face the facts
I’m alone with bonds that could never last!

The friends I once had would stab me in the back
Now can you see why my depression lasts?
So filled with fucking hate
Taste the end of my gun and feel it’s embrace!
Track Name: The Family Ruin
Messengers of the dark
I am your soulless king
Lost relative.
The crack in the frame
I’m not worth my families name.

Fixated on this disconnection!

Never quite fit the scheme
Always last on the list
The kind that’ll never be missed!

I’ve watched the years go by
There was never a spark in their eyes.

Let me fall
I’m not worth it all.
Let me sink
My cancer is the anchor.
Let me die
I’m just so sick of being alive!
Can’t you see all of my wrongs of who I shouldn’t be?
Set me free.
Can't you see this life is killing me?

I know I’m on the edge
I know my life's a fucking mess.
But I’m more than a reflection
I’m the bitter perception.

You’re all fakes!

Let me fall
I’m not worth it all.
Let me sink
My cancer is the anchor.
Let me die
I’m just so sick of being alive.
Can’t you see all of my wrongs of who I shouldn’t be?
Set me free,
Can't you see this life is killing me?

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